Vitamin C Serum – The Easy Way to Rejuvenate Tired Skin

Vitamin C serum has become one of the more popular anti-aging serums available today. This vitamin, when applied in the form of ascorbic acid has been known to encourage collagen stimulation and even out skin tones. Additionally, vitamin C has antioxidant properties that help in reversing damage seen on the outer layers of the skin. Although vitamin C is an effective treatment to eliminate signs of aging, there are some things you should know before you make your purchase.

vitamin c serum Vitamin C Serum   The Easy Way to Rejuvenate Tired SkinNot all vitamin C serums are created equal, and there is a minimum concentration required to be of any benefit. It’s generally recommended that the most effective serum will have a concentration of 5% of vitamin C or greater. Anything less may not be effectual and could result in spending money on a product that is completely ineffective. Before you buy, make sure that the serum meets the minimum concentration recommendations. Cellex C Serum is a popular brand worth checking out.

Another potential issue with vitamin C is the rate at which it oxidizes. Vitamin C is known to be unstable in certain formulations where it oxidizes before the container is ever opened. If the bottle you just purchased has been sitting on a shelf for any length of time, its efficacy could have been impacted. When oxidization has taken place, the tint of the mixture will change to an orange or yellow color. This is why it’s best to purchase a vitamin C serum where there hasn’t been any tint added to the product. When tint has been added, it could be an indication of a serum that is of a lesser quality. A way to get around this is to purchase serum with a vitamin C derivative. Derivatives are much more stable and have a longer shelf life. They also tend to be more effective in smaller concentrations and as a result tend to cost less. In some cases, the derivatives actually work better than vitamin C in its normal formats. In spite of some of the formulation limitations, vitamin C is still very effective in the treatment of the signs of aging and with some careful choices you should be pleased with the results.

With vitamin C, you may want to start with a product that contains a lower concentration to see how your skin will react. If you’re pleased with the results, you can then try and increase the amount in small increments until you reach a level that is suitable for your skin type without causing irritation. Although vitamin C is the most abundant ingredient, many anti aging serums will have other beneficial ingredients to aid in maintaining skin tone and color. This combination will help minimize adverse reactions and increase the likelihood that you’ll have a positive outcome.

Vitamin C is well known for its antioxidant effects and its ability to reverse the signs of aging. If you’re looking for something that will rejuvenate your skin with minimal effort added to your daily routine, then a vitamin C serum could be the solution that you’re looking for.


  1. Victoria says:

    Vitamin C is definitely a miracle skin care ingredient. Oxidation is such a problem not only because the product becomes ineffective, but it can also then damage skin cells. Finding the right serum is very important, but once you do the affects of vitamin C are truly magical.