What Is Retinol Serum And How Is It Used To Improve Your Skin?

Effective anti-aging products have formulas based on certain active ingredients that produce the best results. Retinol is a common ingredient that is a form of vitamin A. Aside from it being a dietary supplement, it is used in body creams and lotions to help treat acne and slow the progression of aging. Those seeking to make changes to their skin care regimen may be interested in using retinol serum; a lightweight retinol-based formula that is easier on the skin without adding additional moisture.

Retinol Products Are Great For Oily Skin

retinol serum 199x300 What Is Retinol Serum And How Is It Used To Improve Your Skin?Retinol serums are great for different skin types, especially those with oily skin. It’s common for people with oily skin to refrain from using certain facial products or struggle in finding something for their skin type without adding additional moisture. In these cases, a stand-alone retinol product may make for the best option.

These serums offer a wide range of benefits with the retinol ingredient. Aside from being a lighter formula base, they help reduce the appearance of fine lines, reduce pores and increase natural collagen production. The increase of collagen helps the skin have the look and feel of being smooth and youthful. Retinol serums are also helpful in reducing acne blemishes and blackheads.

Because of the lightweight formula, you have the option of applying the serum on your skin before applying another product. To get the maximum benefit from the serum its best to cleanse the skin before applying; cleansing the skin improves the absorbance of the product. Make sure your skin is dry and after you apply it, give your skin a few minutes to absorb it before applying another product such as lotion or cream.

Potential Side Effects Of Using Retinol

As with most skin products, there are potential side effects that should be reviewed before using the product. Retinol has been known to cause mild skin irritation with redness, tingling sensation and flaking. Flaking may be due to the exfoliation of the skin. While some may become alarmed if side effects occur, in most cases, the product is working just fine. It’s a matter of your skin getting used to the product and its active ingredients. You may also have to cut back on the use of the product for a certain time and gradually increase usage. It is also recommended to use sunscreen if you are using a retinol serum since skin sensitivity can be aggravated by the sun.

If you are exploring the option of using a skin serum, there are different choices you should become familiar with depending on your personal needs. There are serums designed to be used in the evening that improve skin overnight over an extended time period. There are others that are used during the day or are recommended to be used in the morning. Additionally, there are products that have special time-release ingredients that help the formula stay active in the skin for an extended period of time which may help improve overall skin appearance.

When seeking a retinol-based serum product, get familiar with ingredients used in the formula. There are formulas with high concentrations of retinol that give many the youthful and smooth look they are wanting to obtain. Many see results in as little as 2 weeks. Other common ingredients that may be included are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Beta-Carotene.

Another tip to keep in mind when seeking a potential product is to review product feedback. There are multiple retinol serum products available, but reviews and customer feedback give an idea of what actual consumers have experienced while using the product.