Neostrata Bionic Face Serum – A Serum For All Skin Types

neostrata bionic face serum Neostrata Bionic Face Serum   A Serum For All Skin TypesNeostrata Bionic Face Serum has a unique anti-aging formula that makes skin look years younger without irritation. As many have found that some face serums have caused adverse reactions, new products like Neostrata are being released to address this issue. For more details about this serum, click here.

Neostrata fights aging through the use of polyhydroxy acids or PHA’s. Unlike most alpha hydroxy acids, the molecular structure is larger and limits the adverse effects seen in some anti-aging creams and serums. This makes them ideal for people with sensitive skin who may have experienced redness, peeling or dryness when using more traditional products.

Polyhydroxy acids help fight signs of aging by promoting cell renewal. When the dead skin cells are continually sloughed off, the underlying new skin is always evident, giving the skin a youthful glow. They also draw in moisture, keeping the skin from becoming dehydrated. Dry skin loses its elasticity and tends to hang loosely. But when you keep it hydrated, it stays firm and springs back when tested.

With the use of these PHA’s visible lines and wrinkles are markedly reduced. The depth, number and spacing of the lines are greatly diminished, leaving a smooth healthy look. They are also particularly effective when combined with the used of retinoids.

The skin barrier is our skin’s defense when it’s exposed to irritants such as harsh chemicals. PHA’s improve the ability of the barrier to protect the body from environmental toxins. This increases the skin’s defenses against many common irritants that you might be exposed to. One of the PHA’s in particular, gluconolactone, is an antioxidant that fights free radicals, minimizing their effect on your skin and protecting it from exposure to dangerous UV rays.

Age spots can be a source of embarrassment with many using makeup or other temporary means of hiding them. PHA’s have a lightening effect on these dark spots and reduce their visibility. Long-term exposure to the sun can exaggerate or expedite the appearance of these spots and Neostrata Bionic Face Serum used on a consistent basis can help to fade them out.

For those that suffer from disorders such as acne, rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis or melasma, you can also see benefit from the use of PHA’s. Because these conditions are an inflammatory response, the anti-inflammatory effects of PHA’s often provide some level of relief from these conditions. For people suffering with these ailments, having to face the world is often a source of embarrassment and discomfort. Having an effective means of reducing the unsightly blemishes or at least minimizing their visibility goes a long way in helping with self-esteem and confidence.

Whether you want to look younger or clear up problem skin, polyhydroxy acids offer a wide range of benefits when dealing with different skin problems. Maintaining your skin through a consistent routine will help to keep these problems at bay and give you the bright glowing skin you’ve always admired. Having a solid product that can help address these issues is key to maintaining optimum skin health. Neostrata Bionic Face Serum is just such a product that helps you maintain firm healthy skin. Click here for more details about Neostrata’s Bionic Face Serum.