Does Preparation H Under Your Eyes Get Rid Of Wrinkles?

The idea of using hemorrhoid cream to treat wrinkles isn’t new, but has been subject to debate and controversy since a model years ago decided to use such a product to help treat bags and swelling under her eyes. So does hemorrhoid cream such as Preparation H help treat wrinkles? Some say yes while others believe the concept is nonsense. So why has a product like Preparation H been suggested to help treat wrinkles?

antioxidant serum 270x300 Does Preparation H Under Your Eyes Get Rid Of Wrinkles?For years many people swore by the use of Preparation H for wrinkles by claiming the cream works. This has become an argument since there haven’t been clinical trials conducted to back up this claim. At the same time, there have been people suggesting that it doesn’t do anything to treat under-eye puffiness. Among the arguments, there has been some evidence that suggest certain ingredients in hemorrhoid cream may irritate eyes.

Is It Safe?

While many people claim to have used hemorrhoid cream, at one point, it was thought that the cream had a certain ingredient that helped treat wrinkles by helping to reduce the appearance of them. Companies that produce hemorrhoid cream have advised against using the product on the face since it is not the intended purpose of the product. Plus, the product ingredients could be dangerous to your eyes. There have been reports of manufacturers in the United States who make hemorrhoid cream removing certain ingredients from the formula base that may have helped reduce puffiness.

Some of the ingredients thought to help with puffiness include shark oil and yeast cells called Bio-Dyne. Older hemorrhoid cream formulas may have contained such ingredients but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requested these and other ingredients to be removed from the product. Many consumers who swore hemorrhoid cream was effective became upset and distraught over the FDA decision. Formulas of today’s hemorrhoid creams are made with astringents that can have damaging effects on the eyes or irritate them even more.

Preparation H manufactured by companies outside of the United States may possibly still contain the ingredients such as shark oil that have been known to help treat under-eye puffiness. While it may be obtained online, anyone seeking to use the product for eye puffiness should consider other options as it may still be considered unsafe.

Better Alternatives

Get a better understanding about how wrinkles and puffiness develop along with potential causes. Review alternative methods of treatment including creams, lotions and serums specially designed to be used and treat facial areas. There are natural methods to consider as well including sleeping on your back, placing green tea bags or cucumber slices over the eyes and staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Look to reduce sodium intake since it has been known to make the body retain excess fluid. In many cases, puffiness under the eyes has been related to fluid buildup around the eye area. Other causes may include allergic reactions, poor lifestyle habits or a serious health condition. You can also seek a professional opinion from your doctor since prescription treatments are also available.