Does Olive Oil Get Rid Of Wrinkles?

Olive oil has been known to be a great health alternative with various benefits. It’s good to eat, it helps the body obtain necessary nutrients and it has been helpful in maintaining skin health. Using olive oil to treat wrinkles isn’t anything new but it has been known as a safe and effective method for regular anti-aging skin care. Olive oil is known to have fatty acids along with vitamin E that are essential to skin health.

hyaluronic acid serum 234x300 Does Olive Oil Get Rid Of Wrinkles?Many people tend to stay away from fat for good reason, but some fats are actually good for you. Monounsaturated fats help your skin maintain moisture. This is a plus since our skin tends to dry out as we age. The oil actually acts as a thin protective layer in the skin that helps lock natural moisture. This oil is also known for playing a big role in the treatment of wrinkles.

Vitamin E is a common antioxidant which helps the skin shed off free radicals. This aspect of olive oil is important because it helps the skin repair itself from damage. Vitamin E may help slow down the aging process and moisturize the skin. There is also evidence that the vitamin helps protect against further sun damage and helps balance vitamin A distribution in the body.

The aging process may have an effect on how the skin renews itself along with new cell production. Fatty acids such as omega can help make the skin firm and plump. Fatty acids actually help the skin retain water and nutrients; another important factor in skin care since we lose essential nutrients during aging.

So how is olive oil used in caring for wrinkles and aging skin?

A natural solution to skin care, olive oil has been known to be used on its own or mixed with other ingredients to maximize its benefits. One of the most common yet enjoyed benefits of using the oil includes rejuvenation of the skin. There are different home remedies that include olive oil but there are also anti-aging skin care products made with a hint of olive and other similar oils.

At home, you can use the oil on your skin including around the eyes and forehead while lightly massaging it into your skin. Some have used olive oil with a lemon juice mix and apply it on their face when they go to bed. The lightweight mix is left on overnight which allows your skin to absorb vitamin E and help tone skin areas. It has also been used with bath oils for additional skin nutrients when soaking in the tub. While there are different types of olive oils available, many recommend using extra virgin.

While using olive oil on your skin is a start, you’ll want to look at using the oil in different meals or look into ways you can incorporate it into your diet. Some see olive oil as a great alternative as a daily skin moisturizer. The oil has several health benefits including helping to lower blood pressure, reduce cancer growth and fighting against heart disease. Each person is different so results may vary.