Copper Peptide Serum Fights Aging And Promotes Healing

A copper peptide serum contains healing copper-peptide. Used in the past for healing wounds and abrasions, it has a well-known regeneration effect on damaged or injured skin.

Copper peptides encourage healthy skin by stimulating an increase in production of collagen and elastin, which increases the skin’s pliability and softness. Using this premise in the fight against aging has become popular with products designed for skin care now including it in their ingredient list.

copper peptide serum Copper Peptide Serum Fights Aging And Promotes HealingProteoglycans and glycosaminoglycan are the protein substances that fill the body in between the individual cells. Since they have the only true water retaining properties in the human body, increasing their volume helps the body to retain moisture. Copper-peptides work on these proteins to encourage growth and production. This growth helps the proteins in the skin to maintain moisture and inhibit the effects of dryness on aging skin.

They also have an antioxidant effect by influencing the activity of superoxide dismutase, which is a protein that fights the toxic effect of free radicals. Normally, this protein is not very active because it doesn’t have enough copper to perform. The introduction of the copper-peptides jump-starts the proteins activity making an effective antioxidant. With an increase in activity, this protein can now fight off the harmful effects of free radicals and keep skin looking healthy.

This encouragement in growth and regeneration increases the skin’s elasticity as well as tightening loose skin. The skin becomes firm and smooth while retaining the necessary moisture to maintain a youth like appearance. Additionally, it repairs the outer layer of protective skin that is subject to damage from environmental influences. Younger skin retains moisture and by encouraging the production of the moisture retaining proteins, you are stopping the hands of time in relation to the appearance of your skin.

A copper peptide serum has superior performance in calming irritated or reddened skin. Unlike other serums that could possibly cause irritation, this type of anti aging serum actually works to calm and heal minor skin irritations. If you are prone to allergic reactions and adverse effects of other irritants, then copper-peptides can provide soothing healing relief in addition to fighting the signs of aging.

Copper-peptides offer UV protection by deactivating the elements in the skin that react negatively to the sun’s rays. This added protection facilitates the maintenance of healthy skin.

As we age our skin needs help to maintain it’s youthful radiance and pliability. Without this help, it’s likely that your skin will age prematurely and leave you looking dull with spots and blemishes that reveal your age. Although you can’t eliminate aging entirely you can help slow it down and minimize the signs that you’ve reached your 40s or beyond.

The best way to maintain healthy skin is to choose a skin care regimen that addresses the issues that you are having with your skin to target those areas that don’t look as good as they used to. With consistent care and a healthy lifestyle you can have younger looking skin. A good copper peptide serum is one way to fight the signs of aging and prevent further damage to keep you looking your best.


  1. Mandy says:

    The four most important peptides in anti-aging products include Acetyl Hexapeptide, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, and Copper Peptide.