Can Petroleum Jelly Erase Wrinkles?

Petroleum jelly, also known as just petroleum, has several uses that make the item a popular product known by many households. It’s a fat-based semi-solid inflammable substance that has been used to treat burns and it’s even found in different products such as a baby lotion, lipstick and other products. Over the years, research has suggested that petroleum jelly may not be as safe as many previously thought. When it comes to anti-aging treatment, using petroleum jelly may not be a good idea for several reasons.

Be Careful With Mineral Oil

brightening serum 300x293 Can Petroleum Jelly Erase Wrinkles?There are different health and beauty care products on the market that may contain mineral oil, also known as petroleum or petrolatum. When these ingredients are listed on a product, it’s often recommended to seek another product.

Considered as a cheap moisturizer, many believe it helps give skin moisture but it often leaves a greasy residue that doesn’t get absorbed into the skin right away. Researchers claim that there could be skin risks associated with prolonged use of petroleum. This is partly due to the fact that manufacturers who create the jelly may not fully disclose what is made with the substance.

A possible serious health risk may include cancer. Many researchers believe petroleum may contain carcinogens; cancer-causing substances. Some cosmetic companies may not be required to check ingredients for cancer-causing substances, so when it comes to choosing health and beauty products including moisturizers and anti-aging products, review product labels and ingredients carefully.

One of the main reasons why petroleum jelly isn’t recommended for skin care is the fact that it actually clogs the skin. Many are under the impression that it helps smooth and soften the skin but it actually accumulates on the skin, keeping the skin from releasing toxins and moisture. This results in several side effects including acne, dandruff and skin irritation. Other side effects could include coughing, eye and nose irritation and abdominal pain.

Regarding the cancer claims; there have been other ingredients and contaminments known to be found in petroleum jelly that may contribute to breast cancer. While there are ongoing studies regarding the cancer claims, many natural skin care experts recommend seeking healthier alternatives. Healthy options to consider include Shea butter, olive oil and jojoba oil along with a host of others. Look for items with plant oils which are great for cleansing the skin.

When it comes to anti-aging skin care products, get familiar with their ingredients and review their origin and purpose. Many effective products include natural minerals, vitamins and oils that your skin can benefit from. While many believe or have heard of using petroleum jelly to treat wrinkles, you may actually be adding on to the skin damage already created. There are several ingredients used in anti-aging products that have been known to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles such as retinol, vitamin K and peptides. Look for products that help the skin produce collagen, which helps strengthen skin layers. This also helps your skin produce and maintain moisture unlike petroleum jelly.